The Idea

Snow Shed was born on an early morning skin in the Elk Mountains of Colorado. It was mid-November and we were excited to be back on snow. However, exhaustion slowly overtook the stoke, as we all had a considerable amount of snow on top of our skis. We agreed that there must be a product out there to help with this common issue. After some initial googling we realized that there wasn't much available and so the research began...

We spoke with everyone from Swiss chemical manufacturers to local snow plow drivers. We also consulted the old-timers (of course), who were familiar with the problem and had tried everything from cooking spray to car wax. After testing dozens of products in all sorts of conditions, we found that the best performer was not only the most environmentally friendly but could also be produced right here in Colorado! 

The Goal

Our aim is simple ... provide an easy way to improve the skiing experience. Whether you're going uphill or down, there is no need to lug around unnecessary weight. We initially thought that the backcountry skiing community would be most stoked about this product but soon realized that everyone could benefit from a lighter setup. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or someone just venturing out onto the bunny hill, we encourage you to give Snow Shed a try. 

Where we are now

We are passionate skiers and love to do our part to help others enjoy our favorite outdoor activity. We are the first company to focus solely on an Anti-Stick Topsheet Spray and we have developed what we believe to be the most effective product on the market. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates and we hope to see you on the hill!