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Backcountry Essentials by Jordan Curet

When heading into the backcountry to ski or snowboard, there are a lot of gear options. Once you’ve packed the essential beacon, shovel and probe, here are additional necessary accessories.
1. BCA BC Link Group Communications. These radios bring a new level of safer touring through real-time communication. Strong group communication is the key to any successful day of adventuring. Find separated friends and share plans and observations in real-time with the BC Link group communication system. The Smart Mic user interface is located at your fingertips, meaning you never need to dig the radio out of your pack to change settings. $149.95
2. Helinox Chair One. This is the camp chair that brings lounging to the backcountry. It provides comfort in a super-strong and ultra-lightweight package. And when it is folded down it is about 12 inches, small enough to pack. The legs and back snap out like a tent pole or avy probe, practically putting itself together. Never sit on the ground again no matter how remote the destination. $99.95
3. Ultimate Ears Roll 2. This bluetooth speaker is great for the summer, on the river or poolside, and the waterproof design can also handle the snow. It will be ideal for clipping to a pack while skinning or tossing in the snow while settling in for a backcountry après session on a hut trip. The Roll is ready to roll for any adventure in the mountains. $89.95
4. DeLorme’s inReach SE Satellite Communicator. This device allows you totext easily, SOS, forecast and keep you connected to friends and family back home on any adventure in the backcountry. It is designed for durability in harsh environments; it’s waterproof, dust-proof and impact-resistant. When you’re off the grid and out of cellphone range, you can quickly and easily share your location and track your progress on detailed topographic maps. And in the event of an emergency, you can trigger an SOS, receive delivery confirmation and then have a two-way text conversation with the search-and-rescue monitoring center until help arrives. $399.99
5. Black Diamond Compactor Backcountry Ski Pole. Whether you are skiing or boarding this pole is compact and lightweight enough for any alpine touring. With a little help from a quick-release button, the pole folds down into three compact pieces that stay connected with a flexible yet sturdy cord, which also makes it easy to stow when it’s not in use. The effective design also allows for quick height adjustments as the terrain around you changes. $129.95
6. Snow Shed. Locally made in Carbondale, Snow Shed’s anti-stick spray forms a super-thin hydrophobic layer on top of skis and helps to significantly reduce snow and ice buildup. In the backcountry where every ounce counts, there is no need for the extra weight of snow on your gear, so keep Snow Shed handy to keep your setup as light as possible. $14